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Systemair’s heating range consists of air curtains, fan heaters and radiant heaters, which are all designed to ensure that heat is exploited optimally with minimal energy.Our air curtains provide the most efficient separation with the lowest possible energy consumption, regardless of whether it is the heat or cold that you want to keep inside.Our radiant heaters imitate the sun, only emitting heat when the rays hit a surface, so that the room temperature can be lowered without its occupants becoming cold.Our fan heaters are reliable and the investment cost is low compared to other heating systems. One of their greatest advantages is the option of using these products to combine heating and ventilation.

Heating Products
Fans & Accessories - Systemair

Fans & Accessories

Systemair has a wide range of fans for use in various applications from residential buildings to small office premises to hospitals and large industrial applications. All products in our range have been extensively tested, both in the laboratory and in the field, in order to comply with current and future demands for low energy consumption. All products are also manufactured to comply with international environmental requirements.

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Residential Systems - Systemair

Residential Systems

Our line of heat recovery ventilation units is ideal for homes, small offices and similar premises. They offer a high level of comfort both in terms of heating and clean air supply, along with significant energy savings.

All units are operated via a modern control system that makes it easy to check their status at any time. Further, our sleek and discreet range of controls, supply grilles, exhaust grilles and other accessories blends in perfectly wherever they are installed.

Residential Systems Products
Fire safety - Systemair

Fire safety

Systemair develops, produces and delivers Fire Safety Products, Fire and Smoke Dampers for private and commercial buildings. These Safety products not only comply with the EU standards but also to additional Country specific requirements.

Fire safety Products
Air Distribution Products - Systemair

Air Distribution Products

Systemair develops, produces and delivers air distribution products, diffusers and air flow control units for private and commercial buildings. These components not only comply with the interior design requirements, but also make their own contribution to a pleasant indoor climate. This is guaranteed by our development lab, which is one of the most modern in Europe. There we measure air volumes, throw, coanda effect, sound level and temperature sequences so we can provide our customers with accurate data.

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Air handling units - Systemair

Air handling units

Systemair offers a wide range of air handling units from flexible modular solutions for large building systems to small compact single units. Energy optimising alternatives like counter flow exchanger, cross-flow exchanger and run-around coil exchangers are available. Some units can be equipped with advanced functions like heat-pump or humidifier. Additional control systems are also available.

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Air conditioning - Systemair

Air conditioning

Systemair’s air conditioning products are suitable for a wide variety of applications such as residential buildings, schools, offices, commercial buildings and hotels, as well as industrial applications.


The extensive product range includes everything from air-cooled / water-cooled chillers and heat pumps to residential heat pumps, rooftop units, water source heat pumps, water terminals, close control units and direct expansion products.



Air conditioning Products