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DVC 630-S (3Ph/400V)

Item Number: 30632

100 % speed controllable

Integrated motor protection

Low noise level

Safe and maintenance free operation


The DVC-S roof fans are driven by EC- external rotor motors, so called energy saving motors with high efficiency. The input voltage for single phase units can vary between 200 and 277V, for three phase units between 380 and 480V. All motors are suitable for 50Hz and 60Hz and from size 355 up to 630 suspended on effective vibration dampers.

Motor protection is integrated in the electronics of the motor, no additional external motor protection device is needed. Casing from seawater-resistant aluminum, base frame from galvanised steel.

Backward curved impellers manufactured from polyamide PA 6 for size 190 and 315. From 355 up to 630 impellers manufactured from seawater resistant aluminium.


Trade name Systemair
Product name X-DVC 630-S (3Ph/400V)
ErP compliance 2018
Unit category NRVU
Drive External MSD or VSD
Unit type UVU
Heat recovery type None
Temperature ratio (UVU) Not applicable
qv nom 1,973 m³/s
P nom 2,331 kW
Ps nom 697 Pa
Fan efficiency 59 %
External Leakage 0 %
Sound power level LWA 79 dB(A)

Technical parameters

Norminal data
Voltage (nominal) 400 V
Frequency 50; 60 Hz
Phase(s) 3~
Input power 2.444 W
Input current 3,72 A
Impeller speed 1.210 r.p.m.
Air flow 12,920 m³/h
Temperature of transported air 60 °C
Maximum temperature of transported air, when speed controlled 60 °C
Sound data
Sound pressure level at 10m (free field) 56 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at 4m (free field) 64 dB(A)
Enclosure class, motor IP54
Insulation class F
Data according to ErP
ErP ready ErP 2016; ErP 2018
Dimensions and weights
Weight 80 kg
Motor type EC

Roof fan, vertical discharge.


Casing made of seawater resistant aluminium. Base frame with deep-drawn admission nozzle made of galvanised steel sheet, 40 µm powder-coated RAL 7030. Powder-coated bird-protection grid


RAL 9005.


Free-running, backward curved centrifugal impeller made of seawater resistant aluminium.


Balancing quality G 6.3, dynamically balanced acc. to DIN ISO 1940-1.


Energy-saving, energy-efficient external rotor motor EC, vibration-free mounted, the motor is placed inside the air flow for cooling. Integrated, electronic motor protection, an additional motor protection device not required. Stepless control via 0-10V signal. Input voltages vary for single phase between 200-277V and for three phases between 380-480V, suitable for 50Hz and 60Hz.


Terminal box (IP54) on the motor.


For outdoor installation.


Vertical installation position.


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