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X-DVV 800D6-8-K/120°C+REV

Číslo položky: 3640

Motor outside of the air stream

Max temperature of transported air 120°C

Vertical exhaust

Suitable for coastal applications

Wide range of accessories

Service switch serial

The octagonal casing is manufactured from seawater resistant aluminium. The base frame consist of galvanised steel. The impeller with backward-curved blades is also manufactured from galvanised steel.

The fan is equipped with IEC flange electric motor with degree of mechanical protection IP 55, insulation class F. Two speed motors as Dahlander (4-8, 6-12) or with separate windings (6-8, 4-6, 8-12). Motor cooling with fresh air via air duct. Thermal motor protection (PTC) serial built-in. For smaller two speed fans (up to 10A) two speed switch is available as accessories (in this case thermal contact must be ordered; not suitable for PTC or without thermal contact). Connection the fan to the mains in service switch. EMC protected cables, cable glands or service switches on request.

On request the fan can be factory fitted with sound attenuator on outlet as DVVI/120 fan. Sound attenuators are also available as HSDV accessories.

Note (for EU market only): not affected by efficiency provisions of Commission Regulation (EU) No 327/2011 - exception 3 (c) (i) (a).

Technické parametre

Menovité údaje
Napätie (menovité) 400 V
Frekvencia 50 Hz
Fázy 3~
Pripojenie okruhu motora Y
Vstupný príkon 3 740 W
Nábehový prúd 27,7 A
Vstupný prúd 6 A
Otáčky obež. kolesa 965 ot/min.
Prietok vzduchu max 18 000 m³/h
Teplota prepravovaného vzduchu max 120 °C
Hlukové údaje
Hladina akust. tlaku v 10m (free field) 60 dB(A)
Hladina akust. tlaku v 4 m (free field) 66 dB(A)
Trieda krytia, motor IP55
Izolačná trieda F
Rozmery a hmotnosti
Rozmer potrubia; Kruhové, sanie 630 mm
Rozmer potrubia; Kruhové, výtlak 630 mm
Hmotnosť 169 kg
Typ potrubného pripojenia Kruhové
Typ motora AC

Roof fan, vertical discharge.


Octagonal casing and motor encapsulation made of seawater resistant aluminium, insulated, with bird protection grid.


Inlet nozzle made of galvanised steel sheet.


The air stream is carried out through annular space between the casing and the motor housing.


The fan has an electroplated backward curved radial impeller made of steel sheet, single inlet. With hub and secured bolted joint directly assembled on the motor shaft. Impeller acc. to VDI 2060, balancing quality Q 6.3, dynamically balanced acc. to ISO 1940 T1.


Internal rotor motor, IEC with flange, 2-speed, separated, pole changing windings. Motor cooling with an insulated fresh air duct, negative pressure system.


Suitable for medium temperatures up to 120 °C. Motor protection on site.


Terminal box (IP55) on the casing.


For outdoor installation above heated rooms.


Vertical installation position.


Snow load class 0.


Flange connection


according to DIN 24154R3.


DIBt approval, certificate available


ASFV V800/G630 príruba - Systemair Číslo položky: 3702 ASFV V800/G630 príruba .
S-DT2GKT regulátor - Systemair Číslo položky: 2699 S-DT2GKT regulátor .