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X-AQWH 1806

Cod produs: CAQWH1806

Technical features

5 sizes

Cooling capacity from 359 to 599 [kW]

Heating capacity from 420 to 706 [kW]

Fans versions:

STD (Standard)

HSE (High Seasonal Efficiency)

HT (High Temperature)

HPF (High Pressure Fans)

Acoustic versions:

BLN (Basic Low Noise)

LN (Low Noise)

ELN (Extra Low Noise)

Two refrigerant circuits

4/6 Scroll compressors (according to unit size)

Finned tubes coils

Standard features

Phase sequence control

Electronic expansion valve

Control circuit transformer

Control data logger

Water differential pressure switch

Antifreeze electrical heater

Modbus protocol kit for BMS

Factory installed options

Lonwork protocol kit for BMS

Bacnet protocol kit for BMS

Compressor soft-starter

Fan speed control for low ambient operation

Double set-point

Power factor correction capacitors

Compressor overload protection

Automatic circuit breaker

HP & LP gauges

E-coating for Al/Cu coils

Blue fins treatment for Al/Cu coils

Condenser coils with copper fins

Chiller grilles

Compressor jackets


On board hydro kits 1P/2P with/without tank

Field installed accessories

Remote ON/OFF control

Remote keyboard panel

Sequencer, up to max four units

Anti-vibration spring

Water pressure switch

Water filter

Remote hydro kits with buffer tank, 1 or 2 low or high pressure pump(s), relevant accessories and with or without antifreeze heater

Technical parameters

Cooling capacity 470.4 kW
EER 2.68 W/W
Heating capacity 548.3 kW
Power consumption heating 172.4 kW
COP 3.18 W/W
General data
Frequency 50 Hz
Phase(s) 3~
Voltage (nominal) 400 V
Sound data
Sound pressure level at 1m, outdoor unit 78 dB(A)
Dimensions and weights
Weight 3967 kg