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Tune-S is a control and shut off damper for rectangular ducts. It is available in with blade tightness class C4,

tested according to EN 1751. It is ideal for use as a control and shut-off damper where different parts of the system

need to be airtight separated from each other It can be used on air handling units as outer shut-off damper

or with modulating actuator as control damper. The damper can be supplied in a manual or motorized version

with position indicator. The maximum recommended duct pressure is 1000 Pa.


TUNE-S units are made from sheet steel frame and Aluminium profile blades. The frame has 20 mm wide flanges

or tight connection to the duct..

The aerofoil blades are from extruded aluminium. The blades are equipped by rubber gaskets eliminating

leakage in closed position. The blade axe are sitting in self lubricating bearings which are connected together

by a cog - rod combination to assure a smooth ratio and transition from blade to blade.

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