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Plenum boxes PB-HELLA and PB-HELLA-T are used to achieve proper discharge parameters of diffusers HELLA and HELLA-T, corresponding in size and number of slots.


PB-HELLA and PB-HELLA-T is made from galvanized steel sheet, equipped by circular duct connections with rubber gasket. The box can have isolation inside and outside. Tightness class of the plenum box is “C” in compliance with EN 1751 standard. Multiple boxes can be installed with multiple diffusers arranged in an array. For this type of installation the boxes have connecting ears to join with neighbouring box. For diffusers HELLA-T of length 1800 mm and 2400 mm the plenum boxes PB-HELLA-T with corresponding length consist from two connected plenum box segments with two separate air inlets (see dimension table PB-HELLA-T).

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