NOVA-B-1-2-300x100 grotelė

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NOVA-B is a rectangular steel diffusion grille with one or two rows of adjustable blades. It is adequate for usage as a standard ventilation element in industrial and commercial premises. The NOVA-B diffusion grille directs the air using its adjustable blades in a horizontal, as well as vertical direction. It is designed for air supply and air extract. For a balanced distribution of air through the entire diffusion grille it is recommended to use a damper or a plenum box.


The NOVA-B diffusion grille is manufactured from galvanized steel profiles with, if appropriate, a powderlacquered surface finish; other RAL types are available upon request, as well as an A-304 or A-316 stainless steel version of the product.

Type of blades:

Single-row as well as double-row diffusion grilles can have both horizontal and vertical front blade allignment. The second row of blades is always perpendicular to the first row. The blades' axial pitch is 20 mm.


The NOVA-B diffusion grille can be mounted directly onto a duct using countersunk screws (type "1" mounting), or onto a wall using a mounting frame and spring clips (type "2" mounting + UR) and, if appropriate, it can also be placed onto a wall and a ceiling using a mounting frame and a mounting mechanism (type "3" mounting).

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