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X-AES-1,7KW, SS, control unit

Item Number: 35596

• Exhaust air and smoke extraction switchgear with switching for separate windings

• All functions in accordance with VDMA 24177 / DIN / VDE 0660

• In plastic housing

• Motorprotection current-range (standard): 2,4 to 4,0A / 4,0 to 6,0A (is an other current-range needed, it has to be noted explicitly.)

Exhaust air and smoke extraction switchgear with switching for separate windings, for one fan with 3-phase-motor up to 1,7 kW, in plastic housing, h/b/d 400/320/190mm.

Optionally it`s possible to actuate two fans. See as follows the article number of this switchgear: 35597.

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Exhaust air and smoke extraction switchgear for one "three-phase motor" up to 1,7 KW with switching for separate windings. In plastic housing H/W/D 400/320/190 mm, colour grey RAL 7035.

For operational air exhaust and emergency smoke extraction circumventing the motor protection.

All functions in accordance with VDMA 24177 (Fans for keeping buildings free of smoke and heat in case of fire).

Complete switchgear implemented in accordance with DIN/VDE 0660.


• With integrated emergency-stop/main switch sealable in the on position and lockable in the Off position

• With load contactor and motor protection relay for fan motor

• Start-up and coasting circuit for two-stage fan from 7.5 KW

• With safety low voltage power supply for 15 external sensors/alarms

• With control current fuses for internal and external consumers

• With standard assembly with quiescent current logic for linking all switching and function requests for operating mode and switching position priority plus compulsory activation of max. fan power in smoke extraction mode

• With self-latching trip for automatic smoke alarms

• With operating mode switch and displays on the front panel for ready / running / smoke extraction / unlock and overload

• Inputs for external control points and sensors such as fire brigade switch / ventilation switch / pushbutton alarm / automatic smoke alarm / fire alarm

• Outputs for fan motor / ventilation flap selectively with open/return signal for fan activation / floating and non-floating operating mode signals / low voltage output

Completely pre-wired and tested ready for connection!

All power and control voltage connections fed to connecting terminals installed in a plastic housing.

Protection rating 2, protection class IP 54 indoor, industrial manufacturing quality, color 7035 grey.

With cable gland in adapted size for each cable.

With CE marking.

Including impact-proof transport packaging.