This product is discontinued

X-Topvex FR06-L-CAV 230V3~

Item Number: 2401

Flat design

Flexible installation

Low energy use

- Energy efficient plug fans with EC motors

Efficient rotating heat recovery wheel

- No need of water drainage

- Automatic summer operation

Integrated/pre-programmed control system

- Efficient energy saving functions

- Built in week program with holiday schedule

Constant airflow- or duct pressure control

Large inspection doors for easy maintenance

- Slide doors as an accessorie

Manufactured in Aluzinc plated sheet metal

Factory tested

Topvex FR03-11 is a series of efficient ventilation units designed for offices, shops, schools, daycare centres or similar premises. The units are especially designed to meet the coming energy requirements and have therefore a very low energy use and high efficiency rotating heat exchangers. To simplify the installation and commissioning the units are included with control system and pre-configured.

The unique design with double rotating heat exchangers makes the unit very flat. No need of condense water drainage makes the unit very flexible to install. Topvex FR can be mounted flat on the floor, hanging upside down in a false ceiling or standing on the long side.

The units casing is made in double-skinned 1,0mm aluzinc sheet metal (AZ 185) with internal sound/thermal mineral wool insulation. Two large inspection doors facilitate inspection and maintenance. The fans and the rotating heat exchangers are removable. Supply and extract air filters are mounted in frames and to provide optimal sealing, fitted with ceiling stripes.

The separate electrical box facilitates services. All electrical connections are done at one place in the electrical box.

With the integrated control system it is possible to supervise/control the airflow, duct pressure, temperatures, heating/cooling recovering and the ventilation systems operating time. Topvex FR has also other energy saving functions like free cooling, cool recovering, and season related temperatures and airflow controlling.

Topvex FR is as standard equipped with Exoline and Modbus communication via RS-485 and a built-in WEB server via TCP/IP. 

LON communication available as option, contact your nearest Systemair Company for more information.

The functions and functionality in Topvex FR gives you all that are needed to create an indoor environment with the highest comfort and to the lowest operating costs. Save the global environment by using Topvex FR.

Ordering code.


Model:                              FR03, FR06, FR08




Heating coil:                   EL


                                             No heater.

(e.g. unit name: Topvex FR06-L-CAV 400V).

                                                  Water coil HWL (low power), HWH (high power

                                                  are accessory to units without heater and the

                                                  coil is delivered separately.


Right or Left model:



(Right), The sides were the supply air is located when 

                                                  wiewed from access side, standing on the electrical



(Left),    box side.


Airflow control:             CAV

(Constant air volume). 



(Variable air volume = constant duct pressure control).

Technical parameters

Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage (nominal) 230 V
Phase(s) 3~
Recommended fuse 3x10 A
Enclosure class IP23
Speed regulation Stepless
Air flow 720 to 2,567 m³/h
Supply fan
Input power (P1), supply fan 941 W
Supply air filter
Filter class, supply air F7
Extract air filter
Filter class, extract air F5
Heat exchanger
Exchanger type Rotating
Heating type None
Return fan / Extract fan
Input power, extract fan 941 W
Chassis size 06
Fan control CAV, air flow control
Installation placement False ceiling
Supply side Left
Dimensions and weights
Weight 256 kg
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